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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Aug 10 22:55:15 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> At the recent XMPP devcon, I talked a bit with Thiago Camargo about NAT
> traversal and media relays. There are really two separate issues here:
> 1. Finding and using STUN servers for NAT traversal. This is discussed
> in XEP-0215.
> 2. Finding and using relay servers for media transport. Thiago suggests
> that a Jingle client could query its XMPP server for a UDP IP and port
> ("hostport") at a relay server and the XMPP server could reserve that
> hostport for use by the client. The hostport might exist at a TURN [1]
> server. However, as Rémi Denis-Courmont has pointed out [2] on the
> IETF's BEHAVE list, it is not necessary for the relay to be a TURN
> server. It's great if the relay is a TURN server, but it could be
> something else -- and the important point is that for the purposes of
> media relaying it doesn't really matter to the Jingle client whether the
> relay does TURN or something simpler. So Thiago convinced me that if we
> define a way for a Jingle client to ask its XMPP server for a UDP
> hostport at a relay, we would have an easy way for a client to do media
> relaying.
> At this point I think we could (a) modify XEP-0215 to include the
> hostport reservation functionality or (b) define a separate spec. I
> don't have a strong preference about this right now, but Thiago and I
> will look into the options sometime soon.

Thiago, I am looking at your proposed workflow:


And I have a question: how can the Jingle client (connected to the XMPP
server via TCP) ask the XMPP server for a public address candiate? As
far as I can see, that won't work because the XMPP server doesn't know
anything about UDP and so can't tell the Jingle client what its public
UDP IP+port is.

However, asking a specially-configured XMPP server for a media relay
candidate might work because the XMPP server could communicate with the
media relay (TURN or something simpler) on behalf of the Jingle client.


Peter Saint-Andre

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