[Standards] Jingle: UDP relays

Scott Ludwig scottlu at google.com
Sat Aug 11 05:27:20 UTC 2007

On Aug 9, 2007 11:01 AM, Thiago Camargo <thiago at jivesoftware.com> wrote:
> UDP Relays are just simple UDP routers.
> So you can bind Ports and IPs to the clients from your XMPP servers.
> Clients don't need to negotiate directly with Relay Servers(TURN for instance).
> XMPP Servers can negotiate and allocate the tunnel to be used by the client.
> Check these drafts:
> http://www.gliffy.com/publish/1178640/
> http://www.gliffy.com/publish/1130091/
> Regards,
> Thiago

I suggest we just use STUN and TURN and get on with this.

It's true that a special case client can have a special relationship
with a server, and allocate candidates any way it wants, and establish
a standard jingle p2p connection as long as those candidates work as
regular remote candidate for the peer during ICE connectivity

However, it would be nice for any Jingle compatible client to know how
to allocate address candidates from the service it is connected to. To
do this there needs to be standard protocols for discovering and using
these services. It's not complicated.

Describing N ways to allocate candidates isn't useful for anyone.
There is nothing very special about STUN and TURN technically, except
that they are established and work. Let's use them and move on.

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