[Standards] MUC rooms on roster.

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sat Aug 11 09:32:38 UTC 2007

Dnia 10-08-2007, pią o godzinie 13:02 -0600, Joe Hildebrand napisał(a):
> The use case is:
> - I'm not in the marketing group, but I'm rotisiv'ing it to see when  
> any of them arrive at the office
> - I broadcast a message to the marketing group, asking for the new  
> slide deck template, so that whoever is available can help me
> - You rotisiv the marketing group, you shouldn't see my presence  
> through the group, since I'm not a member
> - You broadcast a message to the marketing group; I shouldn't see
> it,  
> because it's none of my business

This is a standard IRC behavior for channel non-members.
If you do not join a channel you may list its participants and send
messages to channel.
You're not listed on channel and do not receive its messages, because
you did not join it yet.

(Yes, most channels today are configured to not allow outside peeking
and outside messages, but the standard behavior is what I described.)

Tomasz Sterna
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