[Standards] Jingle: UDP relays

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Aug 13 12:37:02 UTC 2007

Unnikrishnan V wrote:
> adding my 2 cents for the comets from scott +
> It may be nice to upgrade XEP-0215 to discover network servers ( almost
> same functionality as of DNS SRV )  instead of just stun servers only (
> as we discussed early in this list ) so it can look up properly turn
> servers and ports in some environments .

What kind of network servers would that include? LDAP, FTP, SMB, SMTP,
HTTP, STUN, TURN, POP, IMAP, GOPHER, etc.? Why would we duplicate DNS
SRV over XMPP? Maybe there are good reasons to do so, but right now I'm
not seeing them.

IIRC, one argument is that you might want to send out a query for a
certain kind of network server or XMPP service, and find out which
entities meet those criteria. But that applies to XMPP entities too
(e.g., MUC services), so it might not be part of a generalized version
of XEP-0215.


Peter Saint-Andre

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