[Standards] whiteboarding and shared editing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Aug 14 04:30:36 UTC 2007

Fletcher, Boyd C. CIV US USJFCOM JFL J9935 wrote:
> Peter,
> I guess my fundamental issue is that the council is making an
> architectural decision of using shared document editing without
> understanding the problem or even having read the xep being submitted
> as many folks admitted to not even reading it.

In the meeting I asked if anyone had reviewed your proposal in depth. It
seems that no one had a chance to do so, but that doesn't mean they have
not thought about the problem space. Everyone agreed that more work is
required. So we need to get to work.

> So if we are going to do this objectively then we need all solutions
> weighted against one another and not levy artificial requirements.

I see nothing artificial about trying to build a generalized approach
that we can re-use for shared editing and real-time synchronization of a
wide variety of XML formats, not just SVG.

> Perhaps Joonas can update us on his progress and Mats and Ian could
> publish a draft of their specs? .

This is not a popularity contest, so I don't think it would be all that
productive for each person to publish drafts of how they are doing
things today (some of which were probably designed to be experimental
and not submitted for general consideration). The point is to work
through these issues together and find something that lots of folks here
can agree on. As you may recall from the previous discussions, Joonas
and Mats worked together to hammer out some differences and reach
consensus on synchronization issues. I am not sure how Ian's client does
whiteboarding right now, but Ian too worked with Joonas on shared
editing (both on-list and off-list) so I think that he is on board with
that general approach as well.

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