[Standards] XEP-0138: Stream Compression

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Tue Aug 14 07:37:16 UTC 2007

While implementing stream compression I noted this in XEP-0138: Stream Compression;
In http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0138.html#bizrules it says:

 o Negotiation of stream compression SHOULD be completed before authentication via SASL ...

while in XEP-0170: Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation 
it says:

Therefore the following order is RECOMMENDED: 
 0 TLS 
 1 SASL 
 2 Stream compression 
 3 Resource binding 

Any clues?
I've tested using stream compression before SASL on ejabberd and OpenFire, and that
just works fine. Haven't tried other combinations.


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