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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Aug 14 16:03:15 UTC 2007

Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2007, at 7:02 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> So, to summarize, a ghost/outsider:
>> - Can see the presence of group members
>> - Can send messages to the whole group
>> - Is not seen as part of the group (no presence)
>> - Does not receive messages sent to the group
> Yes.
>> A few questions...
>> 1. If an outsider sends a message to the group/room, what is the 'from'
>> address: the outsider's real JID or the outsider's room JID? Does the
>> outsider even get a room JID? If not, that would be different from how
>> all other messages are handled currently.
> Oo.  Good question.  How about a non-anonymous message, from the room's
> bare jid?  Messages from the bare room jid are often treated differently
> by clients, but I bet it ends up being ok.
> <message from='darkcave at macbeth.shakespeare.lit'>
>   <x xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#user'>
>     <item affiliation='none'
>           jid='hag66 at shakespeare.lit/pda'
>           role='outsider'/>
>   </x>
>   <body>...</body>
> </message>

Seems OK to me.

>> 2. Does the list of outsiders need to be configurable by the group/room
>> administrator, or is that more of a service-wide policy? (For example,
>> anyone from a configurable list of domains can be an outsider, service
>> admins can be outsiders, etc.)
> The outsider list needs to be configurable same as the member list. 
> Anything more complicated can be handled by room configuration
> extensions provided by the server implementor.
> If "Modifying the Member List", etc. were just XEP-50 commands, we'd be
> done already... the server implementation could just add a new command
> to modify the outsider list.

Unfortunately, XEP-0045 predates XEP-0050. If we were doing it all over
again, I'm sure we would use ad-hoc commands for all the list-editing
functions in MUC...


Peter Saint-Andre

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