[Standards] XEP-0124: which error if sid invalid?

Stefan Strigler steve at zeank.in-berlin.de
Wed Aug 15 12:43:47 UTC 2007

Hi, guess I hit a bug in xep-0124.


states that 

"All HTTP codes except 200 have been superseded by Terminal Binding
Conditions to allow clients to determine whether the source of errors is
the connection manager application or an HTTP intermediary."


"If the client did not include a 'ver' attribute in its session creation
request then the connection manager SHOULD send a deprecated HTTP Error
Condition instead of this terminal binding condition."

But in the case that a given sid attribute is unknown or invalid a
connection manager can not determine if the session has been
instantiated with a 'ver' attribute for obvious reasons.

Possible fixes that came to my mind:

* Define this to be a special case and demand to send an HTTP error
condition. Breaks with concept of separating error conditions at the
protocol level (you can't tell anymore whether the error is HTTP or BOSH

* Make clients send a 'ver' attribute with every request. Consumes more

Cheers, Steve

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