[Standards] Experimental XEPs (was: Re: whiteboarding and shared editing)

Boyd Fletcher boyd.fletcher at je.jfcom.mil
Wed Aug 15 21:10:44 UTC 2007

In the W3, they publish in the internal working groups multiple versions of
specs for a standard that then hash it out. I think we need a similar

I think we need a more organized approach to developing complex XEPs.

On 8/15/07 4:01 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:

> Boyd Fletcher wrote:
>> On 8/15/07 1:54 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:
>>> Dave Cridland wrote:
>>>> as an
>>>> experimental protocol,
>>> Unlike the IETF, we don't have the concept of an "Experimental" spec.
>>> The closest we come is Informational specs. More here:
>>> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.html#types
>>> We could always add another XEP type if needed, though.
>> +1 for adding a new XEP type.
> People are already confused enough by Informational and Historical XEPs.
> I don't think a new Experimental type will help matters. In fact it will
> just muddy the waters even further.
> The XSF is a standards development organization. We're supposed to be
> developing standards. If people want to publish the results of their
> experiments on their own websites as input to the XSF's standards
> development process, they are free to do so. But as far as I can see,
> nothing in the XSF's mission or bylaws dictates that such experiments
> deserve to be published by the XSF.
> Peter

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