[Standards] whiteboarding and shared editing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Aug 24 03:53:12 UTC 2007

> Peter Saint-Andre desiderò:
>>> Oh. Do you have any documentation or description of how the documents
>>> are kept identical in 1-to-1 sessions without the server as an
>>> arbitrator?
>> Yes, that would be helpful. As far as I can see, we would like the
>> standardized protocol to support 1-to-1 mode without any intermediary.
>> For example, this would be useful when running a whiteboarding session
>> over a link-local connection (XEP-0174), or in situations where a MUC
>> service or dedicated whiteboarding component is not available or not
>> trusted to relay the relevant stanzas.
> I tend to think that in the link-local case the most interesting case is
> the multiple user one (imagine doing that at a conference or in a office).

I think the OLPC folks have done some work on multi-user communications
over link-local messaging. See also:


> Maybe it could even be done electing a peer as arbitrator, but if it is
> really distributed it would be a lot better (no election, no arbitrator
> going away).
> I know that the Abiword people have something similar in AbiCollab
> running over DBus tunnelled in XMMP,

Cool, I didn't know about that.

> so it may be useful to look at
> their conflict resolution algorithm and their way to send changes.

It seems to be described here:



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