[Standards] whiteboarding and shared editing

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Sorry this took awhile for me to get back to.
In one-to-one sessions, we don't have synchronization.  I thought we might, so I did double check.  We've done extensive testing in all kinds of environments including those with limited bandwidth and haven't had it arise as an issue.
We also spent some time looking over the SXDE documentation again and the proof associated with it.  How are conflicts presented to the user?  If we both edit the same element at the same time, how is the user informed?  How does the client know what to assign to the element?  In short, how is this problem resolved with respects to UI and user feedback?
One thing I'm not clear on, how does your document synchronize when two elements are added at once?  Given an arbitrary parent element, what happens if I (User A) add Element A and send it to User B?  At the same time, User B adds Element B and sends it to User A?  The following could occur:
User A:  <parent><A/><B/></parent>
User B:  <parent><B/><A/></parent>
I guess you can hope the z attribute is different, but is it guaranteed?
How are the issues implemented from a user perspective?  Do you have a working implementation to look at?
Michael Bishop


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On 8/16/07, Bishop, Michael W. CONTR J9C880 <Michael.Bishop at je.jfcom.mil> wrote:
> > Right. Probably the biggest difference between the two proposed
> approaches is the reliance on server-side
> > support.
> > http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/whiteboard2.html requires
> server-side support while sxde tries to
> > allow sessions 1-to-1 and in MUC rooms and includes the possibility of
> specific server-side support merely
> > as an optional enchancement to lessen some of the requirements on the
> clients.
> Just to clarify, server-side support is needed for MUC rooms only; not
> for 1-to-1 sessions.

Oh. Do you have any documentation or description of how the documents
are kept identical in 1-to-1 sessions without the server as an

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