[Standards] Comment to rfc3921 pt 11.1 : handling of messages to ressources with identical priorities

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sun Aug 26 10:24:57 UTC 2007

Dnia 24-08-2007, Pt o godzinie 11:32 +0200, Jérôme Carretero napisał(a):
>  - I'm having with my co-workers a MUC for internal conversation, and
> a shared JID for external contact (like contact at myorg.net ) ; there is
> contact at myorg.net/joe (3), contact at myorg.net/jeff (3),
> contact at myorg.net/otherguy (3) ... and I want that people talking to
> contact at myorg.net for an emergency can be served instantly.
> So the guy PMs contact at myorg.net, and everybody receives it.

Yes. But let's keep your example on.

Sally: Help.  [multicasted to all 3]
Joe: Please describe your problem.  [to Sally]
Sally: I cannot do XXX.  [multicasted to all 3]
Jeff: Hi Sally. Please describe your problem.  [to Sally]
Sally: I already did it.  [multicasted to all 3]
Joe: Oh fine. So we're done here?  [to Sally]
Jeff: When?  [to Sally]
Sally: ??? confused

The chatwindow full resource binding was discouraged and clients are
expected to send messages to bare JIDs now. So the described situation
is going to happen.
The helpdesk protocol is invented and implemented with servers and
should be used instead of this multicast idea.
And for normal usage, the best practices XEP should be created.

Tomasz Sterna
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