[Standards] "storage:*" namespaces

Jonathan Chayce Dickinson chayce.za at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 11:04:19 UTC 2007

I kinda like the *:*:*:*... namespaces. jabber:* and storage:* are 
really exclusive to Jabber, and even if they are not any responsible 
developer should Google a new namespace first anyway: name clashes, not 
an issue. And they are short, concise, and *very* easy to remember.

The only real way I see them being used is that the URI ones are 
self-describing, i.e. they refer to the XEP itself, which is nice, 
because some newbie developer can pick up up an XML document and 
instantly find the documentation. However, the *:*:*:*... namespaces 
describe functionality straight away, e.g. jabber:client and 
jabber:server, what could be more descriptive than that?

And changing the namespaces will break a lot of existing code. Badly 
written code (like magic strings) which is unfortunately quite abundant 
will require changes in more that one class/module/whatever.

So no, sorry, doesn't look like we can ditch the *:*:*:*... namespaces. 
Too much depends on it.

Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Dnia 20-08-2007, Pn o godzinie 10:14 -0600, Peter Saint-Andre
> napisał(a):
>>> Could you please explain what's so ugly in "storage:*"?
>> The same thing that was so ugly about jabber:* -- it's not a real URI
>> or URN.
> But at all... It's just a plain, string identifier. Whether it is "real"
> or not, it does its job of identifying a namespace.
>> At the least, going forward we should not use such monstrosities and
>> instead use real URNs.
> Sure. Using "real" URNs protects us from nameclashes. But besides that,
> I do not see any advantages with using "real" URNs.

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