[Standards] All your problems, solved ;)

Jonathan Chayce Dickinson chayce.za at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 19:55:05 UTC 2007

Hey People,

I was perusing over a couple of MSDN articles, when I came across DIME 
(Direct Internet Message Encapsulation). Jeez, I thought, that would fix 
all the file issues in Jabber (like SI). So I wrote a draft, any takers? 
What do you all think? Didn't want to push this forward until I got some 

Just rename the Author file to dime to dime.zip.

I also included the HTML version for all you slackers out there ;). Oh, 
and sorry, had to remove the DTD, it was upsetting my IDE for some reason.

I also included a tool to make DIME headers, just rename it from 
DIMETool.css to DIMETool.exe, you will need the .Net Framework 2.0 to 
get it running (I would think it would run under Mono). Simply fill in 
the fields and it will make a DIME message for you, and if you want a 
DIME message of arbitrary length just put ::(length in bytes) into the 
data field, e.g. ::2048. It's a cheap and nasty program, so don't freak 
out if it breaks.

  Jonathan Dickinson

jonathan chayce dickinson
ruby/c# developer

email:  chayce.za at gmail.com
jabber: moitoi at inflecto.org

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