[Standards] file transfer (was: Re: [LONG] Jeez, Sorry)

Hiếu Hoàng hieu.d.hoang at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 01:43:26 UTC 2007

On 8/28/07, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> That appears to be a sensible line of thinking. However, it seems to me
> that the wide availability of HTTP servers (which could be bundled with
> your favorite XMPP server) makes an HTTP approach even more appealing.
> Part of my question is: do we really need to stream files? Think about
> the difference between media streaming and media downloading. The use
> cases in which true streaming is needed seem few. Even things like
> podcasting are not truly casted in real time -- they are uploaded to an
> HTTP server and then downloaded, to be listened to on demand.
> Similarly, it seems to me that if I want to send you a file, I could
> upload it to an HTTP (associated with my XMPP server), get a URL for
> that file, then send you the URL. If I don't have an HTTP server at my
> disposal, I could fall back to in-band bytestreams. But let's face it,
> the HTTP community has file-upload and file-download down cold. Why not
> leverage all that? We don't need to do *everything* via XMPP! Do we
> really need streaming here, or does it just seem cool?
[huge snip]
> Again I think the fundamental question is: do we *really* need to stream
> things, or can we use sender-upload and receiver-download for many or
> most use cases, with in-band bytestreams as the fallback?
< Peter

Being a only newbie user, with expensive bandwidth, I like this path.
Currently, I know of disk.jabbim.cz service which provides HTTP
hosting for files, say <http://disk.jabbim.cz/hdh@jabber.cz/>. That is
really convenient for me, either I can tell it to send the file to
some JID, or I can copy the URL of the file to post independently.
That's good (except for the Czechy messages, maybe someone can hack
xml:lang support into it).

The other booster is private storage, sharing the same hosting space
but the files don't have HTTP access. People can't just build up the
URLs and download the files from everywhere, abusing the hosting

I know that this is using SI for sending between JIDs, but it provides
a nice alternative for people with expensive Internet access.


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