[Standards] message type='headline'

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 16:15:32 UTC 2007

As an aside to the discussion on priority ties, I think it would be  
cool for us to have a defined mechanism for sending messages to all  
online (non-negative priority) resources.  Message type='headline'  
has never been fully exploited, nor terribly well-described, and I  
propose that we co-opt it for this purpose.

The existing usage for headline messages is derived from a one-liner  
in XEP-160, but I believe that the original intent was that headlines  
are for transient notification.  If they were specified in 3921bis  
like this:

Messages with type headline addressed to a bare JID SHOULD be  
delivered to all online resources that have not specified a negative  
presence priority.  Messages of type headline SHOULD NOT be stored by  
the server for later delivery.

Then I think we get some cool new functionality without breaking  

Joe Hildebrand

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