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Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Tue Aug 28 17:21:34 UTC 2007

>> Yes, but (certainly on my phone) it cuts the GPRS while you do so.
> Fair enough, mine doesn't, must be a limitation either with your  
> handset or your network provider (I would expect its just the  
> handset trying to maximize battery life and radio usage, as you  
> arn't entirely likely to be needing to use it while on a call  
> rather than being a limitation of GPRS), does yours send incoming  
> calls to voicemail as Rachael says hers does when you are doing  
> GPRS transfers?

Generally GPRS behavior depends on the specific tower cell you are  
connected to on your GSM network.  Some are built to prioritize data  
over voice (incoming calls will go straight to voicemail), others are  
built to prioritize voice over data (GPRS/EDGE connections will be  
put on hold or dropped).  Most field-test type apps will actually  
tell you which cell type you are connected to.

T-Mobile's network, for instance, is primarily (perhaps even  
entirely) the latter; if I was on via AgileMessenger and someone  
called me, when the call was done, Agile would have lost all  
connections.  (This has happened to me many a time.)  AT&T's is  
primarily the former; if I were using Agile on AT&T's network, calls  
would go straight to voicemail while I was online.

AT ANY RATE, the nature of how to implement GPRS on a GSM network is  
very off-topic for this list.  The only reason I brought it up was to  
query if the bandwidth-sparing file transfer suggestion was  
suggesting something similar, turning your existing XMPP stream  
temporarily into a data stream, then returning to normal usage.  So,  
let us not get derailed... back to file transfers! :)

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