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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Aug 29 22:36:10 UTC 2007

Mridul Muralidharan wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Joe Hildebrand wrote:
>>> As an aside to the discussion on priority ties, I think it would be cool
>>> for us to have a defined mechanism for sending messages to all online
>>> (non-negative priority) resources.  Message type='headline' has never
>>> been fully exploited, nor terribly well-described, and I propose that we
>>> co-opt it for this purpose.
>>> The existing usage for headline messages is derived from a one-liner in
>>> XEP-160, but I believe that the original intent was that headlines are
>>> for transient notification.  If they were specified in 3921bis like
>>> this:
>>> <blockquote>
>>> Messages with type headline addressed to a bare JID SHOULD be delivered
>>> to all online resources that have not specified a negative presence
>>> priority.  Messages of type headline SHOULD NOT be stored by the server
>>> for later delivery.
>>> </blockquote>
>>> Then I think we get some cool new functionality without breaking
>>> anything.
>> +1. This is consistent with the fact that many servers already do not
>> store headlines offline.
>> In the I-D, this text needs to be split into two places under "Server
>> Rules for Processing XML Stanzas" (specifically under Section 8.3 "Bare
>> JID at Local Domain"), as follows...
>> ***
>> 8.3.1.  Available Resources
>>    If there is at least one available resource, how the stanza shall be
>>    processed depends on the stanza type.
>>  Message
>>    For a message stanza of type "headline", the server SHOULD deliver
>>    the stanza to all available resources.
>> ***
>> AND...
>> ***
>> 8.3.2.  No Available Resources
>>    If there are no available resources associated with the user, how the
>>    stanza shall be processed depends on the stanza type.
>>  Message
>>    For a message stanza of type "headline", the server SHOULD NOT store
>>    the stanza on behalf of the user and deliver it when the user next
>>    becomes available, but instead SHOULD either forward the stanza to
>>    the user via a non-XMPP messaging system (e.g., to the user's email
>>    account) or return a <service-unavailable/> stanza error to the
>>    sender.
> How to handle a headline message when there are no available resources -
> should we not just have a reference to AMP spec and leave it at that ?

I think we don't particularly want a reference to XEP-0079 from rfc3921bis.

> How it gets handled might be impl detail, or based on AMP.

I agree perhaps that text needs to be tweaked. I'll look it some more


Peter Saint-Andre

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