[Standards] message type='headline'

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Aug 30 10:10:38 UTC 2007

Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> As an aside to the discussion on priority ties, I think it would be 
> cool for us to have a defined mechanism for sending messages to all 
> online (non-negative priority) resources.  Message type='headline' has 
> never been fully exploited, nor terribly well-described, and I propose 
> that we co-opt it for this purpose.
> The existing usage for headline messages is derived from a one-liner 
> in XEP-160, but I believe that the original intent was that headlines 
> are for transient notification.  If they were specified in 3921bis 
> like this:
> <blockquote>
> Messages with type headline addressed to a bare JID SHOULD be 
> delivered to all online resources that have not specified a negative 
> presence priority.  Messages of type headline SHOULD NOT be stored by 
> the server for later delivery.
> </blockquote>
> Then I think we get some cool new functionality without breaking 
> anything.

Thats an interesting idea, although personally I think using AMP would 
be better for this as it would give you greater levels of control, and 
then depreciate headline as AMP already allows you to do what headline 
can (i.e. not save offline) and is more flexible going forward.


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