[Standards] Comments about XEP-0115 v.1.5pre5 (SVN)

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Thu Aug 30 15:02:08 UTC 2007

Le jeudi 30 août 2007, Sergei Golovan a écrit :
> I think that it's not a good idea to send disco#info query to a
> specific node (concatenated node and ver attributes). Instead, queries
> should be sent to peer's JID without any node (as it is specified in
> version 1.4 of the XEP).

I fully agree with that.

> As for compatibility with clients supporting version 1.3 I would say
> that it should be optional and separately described. (If you don't see
> algo attribute then send disco#info to a node#ver. If you receive
> query to node#ver then reply to it or whatever.) Probably the 'node'
> attribute should be made optional too and should be used only if a
> client wants to be compatible with 1.3. But if it's desirable then
> some degree of compatibility may be required.


Node attribute should maybe become unique for all client.

And why should we put the version number in the node ?
If it is to substitute the XEP-0092, I think it's the wrong way. (Because it 
break compatibility with xep-0115 1.3  (if the capabilities doesn't change 
between versions 1.3.4b to 1.3.4c)
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