[Standards] Flash binding for Jingle

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Thu Feb 1 01:16:59 UTC 2007

>> I like the idea of Jingle over Flash, but I'm not sure if it's right
>> for the spec to be published in the XSF's standards process.
> I agree it is not normally appropriate for the XSF to publish specs for
> interacting with proprietary protocols. However this case just might be
> an exception.
> While there are plenty of open alternatives to MS Office files, Flash is
> still the _only_ way that an XMPP Web client (installed on a typical
> public website) can do Jingle without asking most users to install a
> plugin. Furthermore, AFAIK, there is nothing open and ubiquitous coming
> over the horizon.

>From where I sit, Flash and Java took the same amount of time to get
working on all three of the computers I use.  On Linux, neither were
installed out of the box.  On Mac, both were installed out of the box.  On
Windows, Flash was installed but it was a matter of days before some web
site forced me to manually upgrade it.

I have nothing against this sort of gateway of course, I'm just skeptical
of the need for standardisation of how it should be done.  I mean, we
don't standardise how an MSN transport should be implemented.  What would
make a lot more sense is a standard plugin or library which a developer
could just drop in, to make it "just work."  That makes even more sense
when you consider that this sort of thing is only a stopgap measure, which
may not even be worth keeping around once Flash start providing some
decent level of native socket networking.

If the XSF publishes specs for interacting with Flash, then the next step
would be publishing specs for interacting with all the proprietary video
protocols for the other IM systems.  Should we really need to bother?


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