RES: [Standards] Flash binding for Jingle

Thiago Camargo thiago at
Thu Feb 1 02:49:52 UTC 2007


I saw many discussions around Jingle Flash XEP.

When we talk about Media in Browser we can go to Flash or Java.

Unfortunatly Java Media Framework is kind of a defunct API. 
It´s not fully opensource! It dont support many capture devices! Requires instalation with machine restart! Dont support sound mixing! Many knowed bugs without solution! No support from SUN! No updates in the last 3 years! No MAC support!

Sorry, but definitly Flash is the best solution (actually the only) for Web Browser Media. 

And now with Red5 we have enough strength to release a flash solution based on an Open Source Software. And start to fight against Macromedia proprietary solutions. Using its "own" solution mixed with open protocols and open softwares.

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