[Standards] Domain & JID Aliasing

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 1 19:31:39 UTC 2007

For me it does! If someone sends a message to tma... at gmail.com i get the
mail but tma... at googlemail.com was the account that I've registered.

Tobias Markmann

On 2/1/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/1/07, Chris Mullins <chris.mullins at coversant.net> wrote:
> > I know Google Talk is currently doing some form of aliasing between
> gmail.com & googletalk.com, but I've not looked into the details on how it
> works. Any other servers offering this today? (XCP? OPN?)
> It's not aliasing. gmail.com and googlemail.com are two separate
> domains with entirely unique users on each. It'll do some tricks to
> let you login as either and bind you to your proper domain, but
> sending a message to someone at @gmail.com won't go to that person
> @googlemail.com.
> -s.
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