[Standards] Domain & JID Aliasing

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Thu Feb 1 20:48:40 UTC 2007

Rachel Blackman wrote:
>> 3 - Would we want to tickle the subscription management flow to  
>> specify a "change address" field? That is, perhaps I'm subscribed  to 
>> "stpeter at jabber.org" as "cmullins at coversanet.net". It would be  nice 
>> to send "<change newAddress='chrismullins at coversant.com'/> or  a 
>> packet to that affect.
> THIS is the one exception.  This, if there was a way to do it  securely, 
> would be WONDERFUL.  Not so much as a way to handle aliases  as, rather, 
> a way to say "This account is outdated, I'm moving  addresses."  Sort of 
> like a postal change-of-address form.  There's  obviously potential for 
> abuse (hijacking of contacts) if it's not  implemented properly, but I 
> think this is the one bit really worth  XEP'ing separately. :)

As I really need this feature...

imo, rfc 3920 contains the appropriate stanza error for this - <gone/>:

<gone/> -- the recipient or server can no longer be contacted at this 
address (the error stanza MAY contain a new address in the XML character 
data of the <gone/> element); the associated error type SHOULD be 
"cancel" or "modify".

When getting this error, the senders server should ask the user if he 
wants to send a subscription request to the new address (faking a
[mutual] subscription request from the new address).

There is some effort involved for all your friends but they MUST know
that you've changed your JID.


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