[Standards] Domain & JID Aliasing

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Thu Feb 1 22:20:35 UTC 2007

Hi Rachel!

Rachel Blackman schrieb:
>> The "<message/>" of the gone error is in the <text>...</text> element 
>> of the error stanza, no? Most clients I know should present the text 
>> contained in this element.
> Many only display the text element to the user if it's in a message 
> stanza.  If, for instance, a client gets a presence error ('Remote 
> server unavailable'), many will will display it in my status log, but 
> will NOT pop up a messagebox from that user and display the text.  
> (After all, it'd be really annoying if they did, considering how many 
> little personal jabber servers go offline periodically!)

Well message will be the most part where we get the <gone/> error back.

> <presence from='tim.brennan at zimba.com' type='error' id='cli12'> 
> </presence><error type='modify' code='400'><gone 
> xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:xmpp-stanzas'>tim at zimba.com</gone><text>Hi, 
> this is the server at Zimba.com!  I see that you're trying to subscribe 
> to tim.brennan's presence, but tim.brennan is merely an alias for the 
> user tim at zimba.com; please add tim at zimba.com to your roster instead.  
> Thanks!</text></error></presence>

You will never get this (as long as you do not just send directed 
presence.) The "error" that is returned to a subscription request is not 
<presence type='error'/> but <presence type='unsubscribed'/>.

But there we have a new problem: Unsubscribing does not contain an error 

So we may have to define it differently. But still I think redirecting 
is the correct way to go. Everything else will cause to much damage on 
protocols that have JIDs inside the stanza.

> --Rachel Blackman <rcb at ceruleanstudios.com>
> Trillian Messenger - http://www.trillian.cc/

BTW: May I contact you directly when I have problems with the trillian 
client the next time? Whenever I contacted ceruleanstudios with error 
reports I never got a reply back.

Tot kijk

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