[Standards] Simple Jingle example(s) and spec(s) wanted

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Sun Feb 4 06:35:04 UTC 2007


> I know it's not the topic at hand, but it's related: 
> libjingle 0.4.0 was released this past week, with support for 
> Google Talk's file transfer protocol (which does use ICE). I 
> intend to write a XEP up to describe the protocol, and submit 
> it as a Jingle content type for review Monday or early next week.

That's great news.
> >From an implementation standpoint, file transfer over ICE tends to be
> much simpler than audio over ICE, but I totally agree that 
> ICE is really complicated for just an example. A file 
> transfer content type coupled with a simple TCP transport 
> would make an ideal one.

So, if a simple Jingle proxy system was defined as an alternative to
ICE, would Google support it? For example, say I'm using a client
connected to acme.com and am chatting with a user at gmail.com. I
initiate a file transfer with the gtalk user, but my client only knows
about the (hypothetical) SOCKS-5 transport defined for Jingle and not
ICE. Would the Google client be modified to support this case assuming
the protocols get defined?


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