[Standards] Simple Jingle example(s) and spec(s) wanted

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Mon Feb 5 19:01:50 UTC 2007


> I agree that ICE is complex, but so is the problem of NAT 
> traversal. My discussions with various people in the VoIP and 
> media space indicate that we really can't avoid using ICE to 
> get things done. That's probably why projects such as 
> Telepathy and FreeSWITCH are building their own
> (open-source) ICE libraries.

We'll support most of ICE in Wildfire, Spark, and Smack -- at least
enough to get through firewalls whenever possible. We haven't researched
implementing the TURN proxy server stuff yet, so we're undecided on

However, a lot of clients probably won't implement even that amount of
ICE at first. I do agree that eventually we all need to get there.
However, the lack of good support even for STUN in a lot of SIP
environments shows how slowly this can go.

>> Focusing on file transfer as a way to get initial Jingle support in
>> clients is a great idea. ICE-based transfers would be the current way
>> to work around firewall issues, but it's not a very simple approach
>> for initial implementations (we've seen this same problem on the
>> audio side). Simple UDP and TCP proxy specifications for Jingle would
>> go a long way towards solving that problem.

> Hmm, we'd also need infrastructure to make that happen, i.e.,
> proxy services at federated XMPP servers that have bandwidth to spare.

I think it's reasonable to assume that just about every server will have
a proxy service turned on for its own users. It will be the default
rather than the exception. I don't think many servers will act as open
proxies for anyone, but we shouldn't really need that anyway.


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