[Standards] Simple Jingle example(s) and spec(s) wanted

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Mon Feb 5 20:08:23 UTC 2007

On 5 Feb 2007, at 19:57, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> However, a lot of clients probably won't implement even that  
>> amount of
>> ICE at first. I do agree that eventually we all need to get there.
>> However, the lack of good support even for STUN in a lot of SIP
>> environments shows how slowly this can go.
> Sad but true. So I think you're right that we need to develop  
> something in between full ICE + TURN + STUN and nothing. That may  
> well be a relatively simple mediated TCP|UDP bytestream. Which  
> sounds an awful lot like XEP-0065, eh?

If I understood Remko correctly, what he was looking for wasn't some  
simple file transfer spec to deploy, as such, but something easy to  
implement so it's possible to get the Jingle ball rolling. At the  
moment Jingle means ICE, and so no Jingle code gets written - a  
simple Jingle wrapper around 65, or such, would be a chance to get  
the Jingle code into clients, on top of which the complexities can be  
established. Ultimately, we'll want ICE etc, but at the moment it'd  
be nice to dip toes into the Jingle waters.


Kevin Smith
Psi XMPP client project leader - http://psi-im.org

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