[Standards] Re: XEP-0073: Question about service discovery

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Thu Feb 8 19:49:52 UTC 2007

> If you build a product using only the latest and greatest protocols
> (like PEP), with no backward compatibility, more power to ya.

Well, vcard-temp never really was a standards-track XEP. FWIW, Psi has
drawn the line at 'read-only' support for vcard-temp for this reason,
and only implements XEP-86 for setting the avatar. As for the other
direction, Google Talk takes care of that for us by taking the burden
of generating hashes and annotating the presence from the client, and
doing that server-side, so all my contacts get my avatar anyway. For
my Wildfire server, I have a plugin that does the same.


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