[Standards] [Standards-JIG] XEP-0124 Binding->BOSH

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Feb 15 22:18:09 UTC 2007

Ian Paterson wrote:

> These documents are complete rewrites, but almost all the changes were 
> for clarity (XEP-0124 wasn't a nice document). 

These changes are extremely helpful, thanks.

> The few changes are 100% 
> backward compatible, with the possible exception of the xmpp:restart 
> attribute in XEP-0206 which enables SASL auth (SASL was not properly 
> supported properly under the previous version of the protocol).

SASL auth is good. BTW the 'urn:xmpp:xbosh' namespace has not been 
assigned by the XMPP Registrar so we'll need to put a provisional 
namespace in the spec.

> Two exciting new features are the "Script Syntax" which enables browsers 
> to make cross-domain connections, 

Exciting? Scary is more like it. :-) But seriously I see the need for 
this in some environments...

> and "session pauses" which enable 
> portlets.

It would be nice to explain that a bit more in the spec.

> If you never quite understood how the protocol should be used then 
> XEP-0124's new section 4: "The BOSH Technique" should make things clear.

Much clearer, thanks.

> I'm going to start work on BOAH now. It's similar to BOSH but based on 
> the Comet technique.

Looking forward to it. :-)


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