[Standards] XEP 85 "gone" and "inactive" state

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Feb 16 16:35:39 UTC 2007

Remko Tronçon wrote:
>> I strongly suggest removing the recommendations to change chat states
>> by arbitrary client-determined timeouts and changing them only to
>> reflect the user's interaction with the client:
>> active - the conversation window is focused
>> inactive - the conversation window is not not focused
>> gone - the conversation window is closed
>> composing and paused - keep the same
> Weird, I didn't even realize the XEP talked about timeouts, because I
> implemented it the way you described it (although i think i used
> inactive for 'minimized', because losing focus happens a lot).

FWIW, I typically have dozens of windows open and arrange them on my 
screen so that I can keep an eye on a given chat window even as I work 
in other applications (continuous partial attention, baby!). Personally 
I happen to think that I'm still actively monitoring the chat window, 
even though it does not have application focus.

In general, I don't care what heuristics client developers use to 
determine the active, inactive, composing, paused, and gone states, as 
long as you implement XEP-0085 so we can kill off message events. :-)


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