[Standards-JIG] XEP-0163: PEP updates

Nick Parker nickp at bu.edu
Wed Jan 3 21:26:21 UTC 2007

Ian Paterson wrote:
> I tend to agree with Kevin and Remko's comments (see extracts below) - 
> that although "pubsub#type" filtering adds useful functionality (and 
> could be used instead of registered NodeIDs to implement XEP-0189 and 
> the other XEPs built on PEP):
> 1. It might be an unnecessary complication of PEP.
> 2. XEPs requiring multiple nodes that serve up the same kind of payload 
> (e.g. blog feeds) could/should be built on XEP-0060 instead.

I ran into an issue similar to this with the PEP implementation of my 
file-sharing proto-extension. I spammed it to the list on the 25th, but 
can resend it if anyone wants (subject is "Request for commentary..").

After thinking about the problems mentioned in that posting, I'm 
thinking of just going with 0060.

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