[Standards-JIG] PROPOSAL for Live Chat

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jan 5 03:44:14 UTC 2007

JD Conley wrote:
> If that biz rule can't be changed then I vote the draft should be
> something that depends on 0085 so we can re-use the active and
> composing states.
> However, it does seem logical that the "live" text is simply just an
> overloaded composing state.

Character-by-character updates are something that you send while in the 
composing state, but your chat state doesn't change while you are 
sending each character -- all the while you are still just composing as 
far as chat state notifications are concerned. So there is no reason to 
send another composing event (the "yep I'm still composing" event?).

IMHO a separate protocol is in order. Negotiate it separately from chat 
states because it really is different and will have its own parameters 
(do we agree to use it? do we send one char at a time or bunch them up? 
etc.). Don't overload chat state notifications with a function it wasn't 
intended to perform, and let those specialized systems that want "live" 
chat have it in a granular manner.

Something like this seems good (no body!):

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>H</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>e</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>l</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>l</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>o</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>
   <add xmlns='urn:xmpp:live'>!</add>

<message from='romeo' to='juliet'>

Naturally we'd need a <del/> element in case someone hits backspace. 
What to do if the sender mouses around and interpolates some text? Do we 
indicate the position of the cursor? Etc.

Ick, it's not so straightforward, is it?


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