[Standards-JIG] Re: Pre-Proto XEP - Karma

Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Fri Jan 5 13:54:44 UTC 2007

Hi again,

On Jan 4, 2007, at 11:38 PM, Alexander Gnauck wrote:

> yes, +1 from me
> Chris Mullins wrote:
>> I was looking to see what exists today for standards around Karma,  
>> and I didn’t see anything. I know many servers today implement  
>> rate limiting, but as far as I can tell, each does it differently.
>>  This seems like it would make a great XEP, and allow for a richer  
>> model of communication within the entire federated XMPP network.
>>  Some of the things that come to mind are:
>> -          Max Connections from a single IP Address.
>> -          Max Connections per second / minute / hour / day from a  
>> single IP Address
>> -          Max Connections from a Subnet. Also per second /  
>> minute / hour / day

This is un-enforcable. You don't know what the subnet is just by  
looking at the IP address.

>> -          Max Connections per second / Max simultaneous resources  
>> for a user
>> -          Max login attempts per second / minute / hour / day  
>> from a bare JID
>> -          Total bytes sent / received from a full JID. Also per  
>> second / minute / hour / day
>> -          Bytes sent / receive from a single IP and/or Subnet.  
>> Also per second / minute / hour / day
>> -          Stanzas sent/received from a full JID. (Also per time  
>> interval)
>> -          Stanzas sent by a Bare JID. (also per time interval).

This are the ones we will be enforcing at sapo:

  - max presence changes per second (specially important inside MUC);
  - max messages per room per second.

>>  All of this needs a discovery protocol, so that clients can  
>> enable/disable features based on karma. For example, IBB probably  
>> isn’t a good idea on a server with karma restrictions.

Yep, neither is jabber:iq:avatar...

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