[Standards-JIG] PROPOSAL for Live Chat

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Sat Jan 6 09:03:23 UTC 2007

On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 12:57:44AM +0100, Yann Le Boulanger wrote:
> [..]
> whay I understood is that when I receive a new event, all chars before
> offset are keept, all chars after offset are removed and replaced with
> the one in "partial set of characters" so in you case if I receive "6"
> with offset 3, I keep "123" and replace "456" by "6" so it's obvious
> that 4 and 5 have been removed

I'm not sure all of this really is an issue. Remember that the stanza
ends up in a TCP packet, with a size slightly less than 1500 bytes. Most
messages (when finished) are way smaller. So it doesn't really matter if
you send one character or the whole thing.



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