[Standards-JIG] component protocol XEP-0114

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Tue Jan 9 21:31:28 UTC 2007

Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> More and more server developers implement components directly in the
> server with own protocols or plugins. I would really like to see that we
> use and extend the component protocols.
> What are the issues with the current protocol?
> I think everything what could be designed in plugin interfaces could be
> also designed in XMPP (eg. roster and db access).
> Waiting for comments from component, gateway and server developers.

Maybe I'm not a very serious component developer, but I have some
thoughts after writing a component for XEP-0114 (HTTP auth over XMPP).
(So note: this is not about a transport-like component, but rather
extending server itself)

Yes, I wrote it as an external component, but the drawback was that
confirmation requests for http://example.org/ site were arriving from
xmpp:http-auth.example.org, which doesn't look so nice.
So it would be nice to have some kind of namespace delegation: All Iq
sent to server (example.org) would be passed to and handled by
http-auth.example.org transparently.

Other use case of this feature would be a component doing email
notifications (for email account associated with xmpp account),
something like gmail's notifications.

And it would also allow to implement xmpp-ping using a 5-line long
script until your server software gets a proper support built-in ;)

The part above was about nice description, problems start below ;)

While it is easy to have namespace-based handlers for Iq, it becomes a
problem for messages, as they may contain more than one element, so
there could be multiple candidates to handle one message...

Next, if we'd like to allow the component to send Iqs/messages and get
replies (not containing elements of the namespace), it would require
some kind of id/thread tracking, etc.
But maybe it's not needed for this type of component.

Last but not least, every handler like this (and the server itself)
could want to provide its own ad-hoc commands, so they should be somehow
merged into one commands list, maybe.

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