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I think we must provide an extension for this too.
I just send it with discovery, because that is what is in ICE Service discovery XEP.

//////////////////// PART of ICE XEP

5. Service Discovery

If an entity supports this specification, it MUST return a feature of "" in response to Service Discovery [7] information requests.

As mentioned in the Deployment Notes of this document, the administrator of an XMPP server may wish to deploy a STUN server in order to ease the process of negotiating use of the Jingle ICE transport. A client can become aware of a STUN server in the following ways:

   1. Specified in the default settings for the client (while this may seem sub-optimal, it is acceptable at present because there are so few public STUN servers).
   2. Manually added by a human user into the client's configuration.
   3. Discovered via DNS SRV records as specified in Section 9.1 of RFC 3489 [8].
   4. Discovered via the XMPP Service Discovery [9] extension.

It is OPTIONAL for a STUN server to support XMPP for the purpose of service discovery. Therefore, client developers SHOULD NOT depend on the existence of XMPP-aware STUN servers.

If a STUN server is accessible via XMPP, it SHOULD be advertised by returning an appropriate item in response to service discovery item requests sent to the address of an XMPP server:

Example 11. Service Discovery of STUN Server (1)

<iq from='romeo at' to='' id='disco1' type='get'>
  <query xmlns=''/>

<iq from='' to='romeo at' id='disco1' type='result'>
  <query xmlns=''>
    <item jid=''/>

A subsequent service discovery information request to the STUN server MUST result in a response indicating that the STUN server has a service discovery category of "proxy" and type of "stun", as well as advertisement of appropriate service discovery features (because the XMPP interaction is necessary only in order to discover the identity of the STUN server, the only feature that an XMPP-aware STUN server SHOULD advertise is "".)

Example 12. Service Discovery of STUN Server (2)

<iq from='romeo at' to='' id='disco2' type='get'>
  <query xmlns=''/>

<iq from='' to='romeo at' id='disco1' type='result'>
  <query xmlns=''>
    <identity category='proxy' type='stun'/>
    <feature var=''/>

I can suggest the xtanzas? Are you planning something for this?
I´m thinking about Media Relay server and STUN server covering.

Because we need both on ICE.


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On 1/9/07, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at> wrote:
> I think we wouldn't use disco for this, we'd use a special protocol
> extension, like:
> <iq type='get' from='juliet at capulet.lit' to='capulet.lit'>
>    <stun xmlns='give-me-stun'/>
> </iq>

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