RES: [Standards-JIG] ICE XEP - xep-0176

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Tue Jan 9 21:51:45 UTC 2007

Thiago Camargo wrote:
> Peter,
> I think we must provide an extension for this too.
> I just send it with discovery, because that is what is in ICE Service 
> discovery XEP.

Right. I think that section of XEP-0176 needs to be rewritten and then 
moved to its own little spec.

> I can suggest the xtanzas? 

It's stanza, not xtanza. :-)

> Are you planning something for this?

See above, I think this needs to go in a small XEP of its own.

> I´m thinking about Media Relay server and STUN server covering.

Yes, that's a challenge, since there are not many good open-source STUN 
server implementations and many of them don't act as media relays.

It's possible that we could use XEP-0065 in UDP mode as a media relay. 
Looking into that now...


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