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The current STUN Media proxy behavior is that way , bacause we are familirized with SIP.
Actually, with XMPP negociation, we dont need to negociate Media Proxy candidate using SDP, UDP, and STUN protocol.
We can negociate it using XMPP. The reason, is that if you have a XMPP connection establhished, the connection is very reliable, but, if you use SDP and UDP to negociate Media Proxy Candidates, itsn´t that reliable.

About SOCKs 5, is too much overhead to media content. And no one that cares about sound and video quality want a SOCKs 5 transport method.

What I suggest, is to write a XEP for STUN server discovery, and another XEP to Media Relay Server Discovery, and get Relayed Candidate from the Relay Server using XMPP.

This way we will be as reliable as possible and using XMPP as must as we can.

And we can create a XMPP server that provide almost every media transport using XMPP to negociate.
What is good for ICE implementations, and Jingle´s popularity.


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Thiago Camargo wrote:
> Peter,
> I think we must provide an extension for this too.
> I just send it with discovery, because that is what is in ICE Service 
> discovery XEP.

Right. I think that section of XEP-0176 needs to be rewritten and then 
moved to its own little spec.

> I can suggest the xtanzas? 

It's stanza, not xtanza. :-)

> Are you planning something for this?

See above, I think this needs to go in a small XEP of its own.

> I´m thinking about Media Relay server and STUN server covering.

Yes, that's a challenge, since there are not many good open-source STUN 
server implementations and many of them don't act as media relays.

It's possible that we could use XEP-0065 in UDP mode as a media relay. 
Looking into that now...


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