[Standards-JIG] Re: Problem implementing XEP-0191 / Mapping XEP-0191 on XEP-0016

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jan 16 21:12:57 UTC 2007

Marco Balmer wrote:
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> Hi
>> While some people found privacy lists of 
>> interest and maybe even a few developers implemented it, IMHO it is 
>> still way more complex than regular end users will ever want to deal 
>> with ("block my outbound presence to this user, block inbound presence 
>>from that user, allow only messages from another user, etc."). So do we 
>> really need or want privacy lists? 
> Yes. Why depricating privacy lists? We have two server implementations
> (ejabberd an jabberd14) which have full support for privacy lists. The
> wildfire developers working on it. A lot of working clients like tkabber
> 0.9.x, Gajim 0.11, neos and psi (dev-snapshot).
> Since jabberd14 has support for privacy lists, I use this feature every day.
> I think, we should harmonize both XEP's 0016 and 0191 to work together.

I'm working on it. :-)


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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