[Standards] Flash binding for Jingle

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Jan 30 17:37:11 UTC 2007


All good questions.

> I might sound like a dumb person, but, what exactly is this 
> for? (no provocation here). It seems it is not a description 
> of how to embed flash thing into client (which would be a Bad 
> Thing, IMO).

The compelling case for Flash is web pages. This XEP let's us add audio
chat to an Ajax XMPP client. There's really no other good way someone
could do Jingle in web pages. 
> But, if it is support for clients written in 
> flash, what do they need this for? It seem this already has 
> connection with the server, no?

This is a way for Flash XMPP clients to negotiate streams. Otherwise,
the negotiation of the flash stream is done in a proprietary way. Flash
doesn't get used for Voip a whole bunch yet -- that's still pretty
cutting edge.

> So, this is some transport 
> that is easier to write in flash? I guess I noticed the 
> protocol being proprietary. Does it mean every client that 
> wants to talk with flash client needs to buy it from adobe?

Yes, unfortunately, Flash is a proprietary protocol. However, see my
last email. There's now a viable open source Flash server
implementation, which suddenly makes things pretty interesting. Having
Adobe as a commercial solution is also valuable.

Maybe it will be possible to have server-side translation between Flash
Jingle clients and other Jingle clients? That would be a great way to do
interop. I have no idea if it will be possible yet.

Either way, I'm pretty excited about the XEP for a few reasons:

 * Jingle needs a kick in the pants and a bit of sexiness. Open
standards voice audio in web pages is sexy.
 * There are rumors of Flash support for SIP from Adobe:


 I'd much rather see XMPP be the way that VOIP in Flash gets done.


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