[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0156 (A DNS TXT Resource Record Format for XMPP Connection Methods)

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Tue Jan 30 23:01:57 UTC 2007

XMPP Extensions Editor schrieb:
> Abstract: This document defines a DNS TXT Resource Record format for use in specifying methods of connecting to an XMPP server.
> Changelog: Removed _xmpp-client-tcpssl attribute since use of the old-style SSL-only port is discouraged. (psa)

Could we please remove _xmpp-client-tcp and _xmpp-server-tcp as well? I 
very much feel, that these records are not good. Especially the 
_xmpp-server-tcp record is very bad.

For compatibility we already have to do up to four DNS lookups:

_xmpp-server SRV
_jabber SRV

Especially with slow nameservers this can take some time until the 
connection is established.

Even if the _xmpp-server-tcp TXT record is discurraged, it only makes 
sence to have it, if we REQUIRE servers to look it up. (Not requiring 
this lookup would make the record completely useless and making servers 
using it only available for a subset of the Jabber network.)

I don't think we sould introduce new records, that are discouraged to be 
used from the beginning. Better we should start working at stopping to 
support the old _jabber SRV record and focusing on _xmpp-server SRV.

For _xmpp-client-tcp the disadvantages are not that problematic as 
typically only a single serie of lookups is required at the startup of 
the client. But still I think having a _xmpp-client-tcp TXT record type 
only makes everything more complicated and we should not introduce 
something that is discouraged from the beginning. And it confuses 
admins, that try to use the records and have to notice, that most 
clients will not support it (as usage is discouraged). One example for 
this can be currently seen on the jadmin list.

Tot kijk

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