[Standards] XMPP in ENUM / ENUM in XMPP

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Wed Jan 31 11:49:33 UTC 2007


I think we should start thinking about integration of ENUM within XMPP. 
This would include the following two things that we need to specify:

1.  How are XMPP addresses included in ENUM.

For this we would have to get an enumservice registered 
(ftp://ftp.iana.org/assignments/enum-services/) with the IANA.

There is already an enumserivce for presence (RFC 3953) but none for 
instant messaging. So we could either defining an enumservice for the 
"im:" URI scheme and/or more XMPP-like for the "xmpp:" URI scheme.

2.  How do we submit ENUM addresses in XMPP.

Probably we will only allow inclusion of ENUM addresses in XMPP on c2s 
links. The natural way would that we allow to use E.164 addresses as the 
value of the to attribute of our stanzas. (e.g. <message 
from='mawis at amessage.info' to='+491777719999'>...</message>)

 From the point of view of our current syntax for JIDs this would mean, 
that we use E.164 addresses as domains. As E.164 addresses like 
'+491777719999' do pass the nameprep profile of stringprep and are not 
used as domains (due to the '+' sign at the beginning), so this seems to 
be okay, as it does not break existing software/standards beside being a 
destination not resolvable by them.

For a client to be able to know if the server supports ENUM, we should 
define a service discovery feature, that is advertized by such servers.

(Note we could also not allow to use them within XMPP at all and require 
the clients to do the resolving, but I think that would hinder the 
implementation of ENUM within XMPP, as on servers we typically already 
have more possibilities to do special DNS resolution. Even if ENUM 
resolution is provided at the server side, a client is not limited from 
implementing ENUM DNS lookups itself.)

(Alternative solution would be to define a new iq protocol, that a 
server can offer, that does the ENUM DNS resolving. This protocol could 
be used by a XMPP client to query the E.164 address and get back an XMPP 
address that can be used as destination JID of a stanza.)



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