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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Wed Jan 31 16:33:07 UTC 2007

Hi Peter!

Peter Saint-Andre schrieb:
> "You take a phone number, reverse and dot notate it, do a look up for 
> NAPTR records, the right hand side is used for a regex replacement (you 
> can add \\1 for wild cards etc, but that's about it), and you end up 
> with a URI."

Yes ... that's how it works. Not really very hard, the most challenging 
part again might be implementing NAPTR lookups in DNS.

> True. But it also introduces all sorts of weird resolution methods.

s/weird/interesting/ ;-)

> Mostly because (1) big companies are interested in XMPP-SIMPLE interop 
> but open-source developers are not, (2) there are multiple flavors of 
> SIMPLE (MS, IBM, etc.) but even they don't interoperate and (3) SIMPLE 
> is not yet widely deployed on the open Internet (only in things like 
> Microsoft LCS, which doesn't federate at all).

I've been interested in interworking of these two protocols for a long 
time. For the biggest part the reason why I did not yet start working on 
it is, that I did not find _interesting_ implementations/installations 
of SIP/SIMPLE I could test against.

Interesting would mean, that there is e.g. someone I know, that used 
SIMPLE with whom I could chat with. Or if my WiFi phone would not just 
support SIP, but allow me to send/receive SIMPLE messages.

... but maybe I should just go the theoretical way of implementing it 
without being able to have real usage for it at present.

> My e164.org friend reports:
> ******
> The FreeSwitch guys have these URIs stored for +1 (641) 985-7858:
> 600 IN  NAPTR   100 10 "u" "E2U+xmpp" 
> "!^.*$!xmpp:888 at jabber.asterlink.com!" .
> 600 IN  NAPTR   100 99 "u" "E2U+xmpp" 
> "!^.*$!xmpp:freeswitch at gmail.com!" .
> ******

After I found this internet draft today, I have added my xmpp address to 
my ENUM record as well:

matthias at aare:~$ dig naptr +short
50 50 "u" "E2U+tel" "!^.*$!tel:+4970077007770!" .
50 50 "u" "E2U+http" "!^.*$!http://web.amessage.eu/!" .
50 50 "u" "E2U+xmpp" "!^.*$!xmpp:mawis at amessage.info!" .
50 50 "u" "E2U+msg:mailto" "!^.*$!mailto:m at tthias.eu!" .
matthias at aare:~$

> Why exactly would we want/need E.164 for XMPP<->XMPP communication? I'm 
> not saying we don't, it's just that I'm still learning about E.164.

Yes, we are currently not very used to use E.164 addresses ("phone 
numbers") on the internet, so it may look a bit strange, but:
You might have found my e.164 address on my business card, and want to 
send me an instant message. There either has to be my XMPP address in 
addition, or you have to use a XMPP client, that is able to get my XMPP 
address from my ENUM DNS record.

Tot kijk

Matthias Wimmer      Fon +49-700 77 00 77 70
Züricher Str. 243    Fax +49-89 95 89 91 56
81476 München        http://ma.tthias.eu/

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