[Standards] Re: [jdev] XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities

Mridul Muralidharan mridul at sun.com
Mon Jul 2 23:10:23 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Mridul Muralidharan wrote:
>> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> Mridul Muralidharan wrote:
>>>> Forgot to add, change name from ver & ext to verh and exth ?
>>> Why?
>> Conflict with existing clients - too many of them in the wild dont use
>> these semantics.
> But introducing new attributes is backward-incompatible, no?
> Given that both the 'ver' and 'ext' attributes have no semantic meaning
> in XEP-0115 right now, I don't see why it is a problem to use those
> attribute names. In fact we're adding semantic meaning with the hashes,
> but existing clients should work just fine AFAICS.
> /psa

   When new clients attempt to interop with existing clients, they will 
not be able to do so - since none of the ver/ext exhibited by existing 
clients will match what gets generated through the md5/sha/etc sum of 
features & capabilities when newer clients attempt to validate this.
So we will not have interop going forward (well, existing clients will 
be able to use new ones though ... weird situation, since usually a 
changes leaves older clients hanging !).

Or did I get it wrong ?


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