[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Getting a User's Attention

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jul 6 15:55:46 UTC 2007

Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> On Jul 06, 2007, at 14:13, Daniel Noll wrote:
>> It may even be desirable to enable this per-user.  

I for one will completely disable this "feature". But I know that some
users are interested in this "feature" (since it is "fun", for some
value of fun).

> Whether this means
>> giving
>> different users different disco results or giving the same result and
>> silently dropping the packet, I'm not sure.  I think I would prefer
>> the third
>> option, the sender getting a not-authorized error back.
> Isn't not-authorized an iq result, and thus not applicable for a message
> stanza?

If the message contains only the attention element (as it certainly
should), then the recipient can simply ignore it. It's not necessary to
return an error, IMHO.


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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