[Standards] XEP-0004: Data Forms - Open Issues

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jul 9 20:08:56 UTC 2007

Tobias Markmann wrote:

>    1. Seems that list-single and list-multi are implemented in most
>       clients that the end user isn't allowed to add new items to the
>       list, just select one or in the list-multi case more. This seems
>       to be okay for me and might even go without saying but I suggest
>       to explain it more clearly in the XEP.

That's correct -- the submitting entity can only choose from among the
items provided in the list.

>    2. Jid-single and jid-multi field types on the other hand seem to be
>       editable by the end user but there isn't described how to supply
>       default values for these field types.

A default value is provided in the form by including a <value/> element.
I'm not sure how helpful a default JID is, but we can specify this more

>    3. XEP-0004 should describe that for list-single and list-multi
>       fields labels and values have to be unique. There MUST NOT be an
>       option with a label or value which already has been used in that
>       field. If not and you have a list-single you might run into cases
>       where the default value describes two options selected. This may
>       sounds stupid but the protocol doesn't say anything about it. 

Good point.

Thanks for the bug reports!


Peter Saint-Andre

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