[Standards] Re: securing in-band registration

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Thu Jul 19 06:28:14 UTC 2007


> Part of the solution is requiring x:data forms for registration. Yes, as
> Matthias pointed out this will make life difficult for existing clients.
> So we need to define a transition strategy. Clearly define how the
> x:data-only registration works and set some goals for deprecating the
> old way of doing things.

don't think that clients are a problem. Once this is implemented in the 
first servers we will see it also in clients. At least this it what 
always happened in the past.

> If we support media-in-forms (e.g. CAPTCHAs) we may have even stronger
> weapons. See XEP-0221 for the media element definition (recently moved
> from XEP-0158).

i agree, media-in-forms and CAPTCHAs is the way to go. And with that we 
are also prepared for new technologies. Because there exist decoders for 
the most CAPTCHAS today.


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