[Standards] mutual authentication and XEP 178

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jul 27 20:37:52 UTC 2007

Hi Toly,

Toly Menn wrote:
>> An XML stream always goes in one direction, it's just that in the c2s
>> case both streams go over the same TCP connection, whereas in the s2s
>> case there are two TCP connections. However, as Justin says, the
>> directionality matters only for the sending of stanzas, not for the
>> sending of XML elements that are used to establish the stream. I'll
>> clarify this in the -04 version of rfc3920bis, and will post to the list
>> once I have proposed text.
> Going back to StPeter’s original example of the s2s case, server 1 (s1)
> sends STANZAs to server 2 (s2) over TCP connection 1 (t1), s2 sends
> STANZAs to s1 over TCP connection 2 (t2).  I just wanted to confirm that
> this applies to ALL stanzas, including IQ stanzas.  


> So if s1 sends s2 an
> IQ stanza of type “set” over t1, s2 will reply to s1 to that “set” with
> a “result” stanza over t2?  


> Either way, this may be a good clarification
> in 3920bis as well.

It's on the way. Might even be in my working copy already, I'll have to


Peter Saint-Andre

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