[Standards] <[CDATA[ in XMPP

Andreas Monitzer jig at monitzer.com
Mon Jul 30 22:14:47 UTC 2007

On Jul 30, 2007, at 23:27, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Andreas Monitzer wrote:
>> What's so innovative about writing yet another XML parser?
> For that matter, what's so innovative about writing yet another XMPP
> server or client? ;-)

Well, for one thing, there's a reason I'm coding for the client with  
the largest established userbase on the Mac, instead of rolling my  
own :).
However, UIs for IM clients can still do something the others haven't  
done before, there's a lot of flexibility. Additionally, XMPP can be  
used for chat systems embedded in other applications (MMORPG,  
collaboration software, etc).

On the server side, I don't see much point in it though, maybe if you  
believe you can do it better than anybody else (like, implementing  
PEP properly).


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